Tyson - Stadiums, Bars, and Karbon Brewing Co.

Tyson - Stadiums, Bars, and Karbon Brewing Co.
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#34 - Steve Tyson (a.k.a Tyson) has had something like 27 different jobs in his life. From selling peanut butter cups when he was 10 so he could buy a Nintendo Gamecube, to founding Karbon Brewing Company in 2020, Tyson has often had a motivation behind each job he’s worked beyond just making money. After a number of paths through post-secondary education and a number of jobs working in stadium events management, Tyson moved into the hospitality industry where he saw a number of issues with the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle lived by many who worked within the industry. He worked his way up the restaurant/bar management ladder trying to influence change from the inside until he realized he could help impact change on a larger scale if he wasn’t tied to just a few locations. That’s when he and his business partner founded their own consulting company, Take Action Consulting.

As Covid-19 devastated their target market, Steve and his partner found themselves with fewer and fewer clients, but it only takes one client to change things. While consulting with a resort on Wolfe Island, they were made aware of a failed brewery on the island, and that lit a spark for Tyson. What if they opened a brewery that would not only make great beer but help combat climate change and raise awareness of social justice issues? That’s how he became one of the Founder of Karbon Brewing Company, a brewery that aims to become Canada’s first carbon-negative brewery.

 Listen to Tyson’s interview to hear the whole story.

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