Shelly – From Hotel Management in India to Educator in Canada

Shelly – From Hotel Management in India to Educator in Canada

#36 – Growing up in New Delhi in her native India, Shelly’s family had a lot of say in the career path she chose. Despite that, Shelly was committed to working in the hospitality industry and pushed back against her family’s concerns. When she was accepted into the Institute of Hotel Management in Gangtok, her father relented, and off she went. 

An internship at the Taj Mahal Hotel led to a career in the Food and Beverage department at other luxury hotels like The Imperial, serving clients like Angelina Jolie and Bill Clinton. Then, when her father’s business was struggling, Shelly made the choice to take a job through a J-1 visa in the United States, but it ended up not being the financial success she was hoping for. Back in India, she began to shift towards working with more mid-range hotels until she was offered an opportunity to work for a hotel brand that spun off from Taj Hotel brand where she got her start. By then, Shelly had worked her way up to the role of Director of Sales and Marketing and was expanding her skillset far beyond making a mean martini.

When her work environment started to shift, which began to affect her health and social life, Shelly began to consider what the future of her career would look like. Reflecting back on a plan she had if money wasn't an issue, she began to be interested in teaching Sales and Marketing to others. Knowing that would be a difficult path to forge in India, and having a younger sibling attending post-secondary education in Canada, a move overseas seemed like the right choice. Needing to renew some education before applying for Master’s programs, Shelly enrolled at Seneca College and it was there where she found a whole new passion; a passion that is now leading her down a different career path.

What is she doing now? Listen in to find out!

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