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What a great way to reflect on career paths.

I really enjoy it. I do not think that many people reflect on their careers and how they end up where they do. I believe these episodes allow listeners and the ones being interviewed a great way to reflect. This reflection can help others to start thinking purposefully about their next career step.

Always interesting and informative Life takes you in many directions and Jonathan always interviews people have have stories to tell

Such a useful resource informing the most important transitions of your life

Career Connoisseur!

Jonathan positions the ever so difficult topic of careers into a kaleidoscope of personalities, plot twists and inspiration. Not only is he a wonderful host, he's also a measured architect of his show with the curation of both questions and guests, all which fit like a tee. A 5 star only because there isn't 10!

First Introduction to this Podcast.

I listened to Jonathan's interview w/ Victoria from Facebook, and it's an interesting amble through a path that many would find familiar in it's widely changing beginnings, through it's differing influences, and finally nesting on what becomes clear and evident as important to the interviewee's personal quest. Not everything is a clear and direct path. Career Crossings' simple concept has caught my interest, maybe not so much to fashion my own career, but to better understand what other's face along their way and what wets their appetite for change ... which could help me become a better listener, and a more inspiring & helpful manager. Good work Jonathan.

As a confused millenial, this is the podcast I need

I love getting ideas of what types of work is out there, outside of my current bubble where I'm lacking fulfillment. Jonathan as a host is so great at listening and gathering all the details that I would want to know about each guest. Such a great listen!!

Jon does a terrific job on his podcast asking his guests engaging questions and pulling out important lessons that all listeners can draw on in their own careers. This podcast is a must-listen!

Great career stories, superb interviewing style and analysis

I enjoy hearing how folk find a fulfilling career—often gradually, sometimes accidentally. You must put your interviewees at ease, because what you elicit from them are great stories told with 100% authenticity. I especially like the analysis at the end where you capture the essence of the journey and how others can benefit. Well done!

It's great to hear other people's perspective internationally about changing careers. So many times I get stuck in American worldview about how America does things but really we're all trying to find our place and what we should be doing and what we're passionate about.

I stumbled on this podcast randomly on LinkedIn and decided to give it a listen. Jonathan's ability to connect with his guest is unparralled and brings very much needed insights and motivation for students like myself who are at times unsure and uneasy about career trajectories after university. Not to mention the excellent quality of the podcast makes listening so easy.

Anyone interesting in a career change, or just a good conversation

Jonathan is an engaging and excellent host that on a plethora of amazing guests with very diverse career backgrounds. If you are curious to hear about people paths in specific industries and gain some tips along the way, this podcast is for you!

Great podcast that provides insight into a valuable lesson that it is never too late in your life to find a career you are passionate about.

Interesting guests and great audio quality. I've learnt alot about how people got to where they are in their careers.

As an undergrad student in his final year, the idea of finding a fulfilling career always seemed daunting. I was constantly wondering if I was making the right choices, learning the right skills, and essentially going on the "right path". But as Jonathan and his incredible guests highlight through this podcast, the path to a fulfilling career isn't always a linear one! The combination of fascinating stories from the guests along with Jonathan's ability to be an empathetic and thoughtful interviewer makes this one of my favourite podcasts! After listening to this podcast, I'm confident that if I come across a 'career crossroad', I am capable enough to pick a path that truly speaks to me. Keep up the great work, Jonathan!


Excellent podcast! Very informative and professional. PERFECT sound quality!

Fantastic podcast with a variety of careers and paths taken. Super informative and a great listen!

Excellent podcast! Incredibly informative and excellent sound quality! Thank you for doing this.

Super interesting podcast! I love hearing everyone’s stories and the twists and turns that have gotten them to where they are! Jonathan is a great interviewer and really manages to connect with his guests and make things fun and interesting for the audience.

I always love a good origin story. Jonathan consistently has interesting guests and asks insightful questions. It's a fantastic combination that creates a show I come back to week after week.

Jonathan does a great job discovering “How did they get there”

It’s so easy to focus on the current role someone holds but the steps and decisions that led them to their role is equally important. Career Crossings is a fantastic look at so many great professionals and their unique pathways to end up where they are. An excellent weekly listen and a reminder that you’re never done your professional journey.

Great interviews, full of thoughtful insights!

I just came across the Career Crossroads podcast and I’m so glad I did. Jonathan does a great job teasing out his guests’ stories, which are already so full of interesting insights. Looking forward to hearing more episodes!

My new favourite podcast!

These conversations are so genuine and captivating. Each guest is super unique and I find myself relating to the experiences of people completely outside of my field! 10/10 every time!

Compelling storyteller/ interviewer

Jonathan is a wonderful podcast host, but more than that, a conversationalist. This podcast is a 10.

Funny & Thought Provoking

I love listening to the Career Crossroads podcast to hear about people’s career journey. How wonderfully reassuring to hear people speak to taking the time to make mistakes and pivot as they grow and learn. The podcast is inspiring and thoughtful, Jon has a wonderful way of bringing out interesting stories from his guests and I love the reflection summary at the end he always provides.

Great Interviews, Fantastic Journeys

I have always been a fan of origin stories and Jonathan is able to provide a healthy dose each week. Each guest is unique and has a great story to tell, but Jonathan’s ability to break it down and extract key elements that may have been overlooked makes the show even better. Keep up the good work!