Priya – How a Broadcaster Dabbled in Teaching on the Way to a Career in Technology

Priya – How a Broadcaster Dabbled in Teaching on the Way to a Career in Technology
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#69 – Priya Sam grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and was torn between two interests. Should she explore her interest in teaching, something she developed entirely on her own, or should she work towards a path in journalism, a career her parents suggested she had a specific skillset for? 

In this episode, we talk about how Priya chose journalism, and how she ended up teaching in South Korea for six years immediately following her post-secondary education. We hear about her rise to becoming the co-host of CTV’s Your Morning News and the things she noticed about the industry that led her to leave it behind – at least for now. Priya also tells us how someone with experience in journalism ends up working at Hoostsuite as a Solutions Engineer and how she gets to utilize the transferable skills she picked up from her broadcasting career on the daily.

This episode is for you if you want to learn:

-          How putting in extra work in your chosen field can pay off

-          When to make the decision that it’s time to move on

-          Practical steps to figure out how to pivot when you’re unsure

Find Priya on Instagram (@priyasam) and Twitter (@priyasam) or by searching her name on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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