Moe – From Phone Line Repairman to Tech Entrepreneur

Moe – From Phone Line Repairman to Tech Entrepreneur
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#40 – As a teenager, Moe Abbas was a vastly different person than he is today. Unmotivated by school, it took getting beat up by some pot dealers at 16 for Moe to make the decision to improve his life. The change wasn’t immediate, but as he began to focus on improving his physical health, his education, and his relationships, opportunities began to present themselves to him

The first opportunity was as an Assistant Phone Line Repair Technician, which allowed him to leave his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to work in Kamloops, British Columbia, and then Miami, Florida. Upon returning home, at the suggestion of his brother, Moe began working at a landscaping company where he was able to make a good wage. It didn’t take long for Moe to realize he didn’t like taking orders from someone else so he quit to found his own landscaping company.

After two seasons of success, Moe decided to move on from landscaping and sold his business. A friend approached him with a commercial construction opportunity and despite no experience in the field, Moe jumped in feet first and took on a $500,000 renovation project himself. As he gained skills and experience, he was able to grow his business significantly until it spanned 4 offices across Canada.

Despite all that success, Moe was not totally satisfied. He had conquered construction but it wasn’t’ a career he had chosen; he sort of just fell into it. As he began to wonder what he should do next, he focused on the legacy he wanted to leave behind and his mind wandered to a new area of interest: technology. After a false start with his first tech start-up, Moe and his business partner pivoted to create Acadium, a platform that connects those looking for work experience in marketing with mentors who will train them.

With Acadium still on the rise, Moe is 100% committed to its success and believes he can impact the financial mobility of countless people who don’t have access to other forms of education.

Find Acadium and Moe at the following locations


Social Media: @acadium

Find Moe: @realmoeabbas


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