Mathieu – From Hollywood Plans, to International Development, to Software Development and Beyond

Mathieu – From Hollywood Plans, to International Development, to Software Development and Beyond
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#47 -Mathieu Arsenault's story is one of many pivots. His early ideas of having a career in acting led to a university drama program, but he quickly realized that acting was not what he wanted for his future. While there, a faculty member led him towards an exchange program in Russia and that trip stoked the flames of his burgeoning interest in international development.

After a number of years working to help villages in Tajikistan with their food security, Mathieu returned home to Prince Edward Island with the mindset "think globally, act locally." He first worked in business and community development, but soon came up with a plan to have a larger impact on both the residents of PEI as well as the rest of the world. That plan almost led him to bankruptcy and Mathieu began to rebuild and consider where his career might take him next.

Taking the first job that would pay the bills, Mathieu was able to find some stability as a consultant, but eventually, his entrepreneurial side took over once again. This time his interests led him towards software development and he and a business partner spent a number of years developing applications.

Now, after having achieved both highs and lows in his career, Mathieu is trying to figure out what he should do next. Where will he end up? Listen in to find out.

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