Lena – Business and Engineering and Technology, Oh My

Lena – Business and Engineering and Technology, Oh My
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  #56 – Lena Xiang is the founder of Open Classroom Experience, a virtual global innovation program for Gen Z leaders that helps them have a valuable virtual intercultural experience that prepares them to thrive in an everchanging world. This venture is relatively new and is the culmination of Lena working to determine how she could create a positive social impact on the world around her. 

The journey that led Lena to Open Classroom Experience has taken her from Toronto to Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, and Hanoi, all before settling back in Toronto. In this time she’s explored the world of economics, engineering, and technology, and it’s the culmination of a lot of learning and discovery that’s gotten her to where she is today. 

The best part: in high school, Lena thought she might work in animation or graphic design! 

Read more about Open Classroom Experience on their website or follow them on Instagram.


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