Lauren – From Retail, to Music, to Mobile Flower Shop

Lauren – From Retail, to Music, to Mobile Flower Shop
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#52 – The first thing Lauren Vandervecht ever thought she wanted to do for a career was be an interior designer. At the time it was the only job she knew of where she could be creative and while that career never came to pass, the thought process gives us a good indication of the direction she would head in.

With stops in retail, music, and e-commerce both in Canada and the United States, Lauren’s story is full of twists and turns. She left opportunities that didn’t feel right and went after new opportunities without fear of failure. This, tied with her ability as a quick learner, led Lauren to be given increasing levels of responsibility and in early 2020 she was working as the E-commerce Coordinator for a Toronto-based jeweler. While she learned a lot in that role, the company placed outlandish expectations on her. When she was asked to add weekends to her already busy work schedule, it was an easy decision to move on to the next thing.

This clean break provided Lauren with the time to work more fully on a concept she had been thinking about: mobile flower shops. There are plenty in Europe, but why aren’t there any in Canada? A week of research was all she needed to commit to the idea and her business, Sunday Love Mobile Flower Shop was born. 

Listen to Lauren tell me about how she started her business and how every decision on her career path has led her to this point in time. A time where she gets to do a job that she loves every single day.

Follow Lauren's business @sundayloveflovers on Instagram


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