Laura – Without Teaching, Who Am I?

Laura – Without Teaching, Who Am I?
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#43 – We all knew a Laura Easson when we were younger. That high achieving type-A personality who was always helping others who struggled in class. The one who was CLEARLY going to be a teacher when they were older. That was Laura, and combined with her musical upbringing she had a great specialty for when she started her teaching career. With a solid plan, Laura headed off to the University of Waterloo for an undergraduate degree in music, then off to Western University to complete teacher’s college.

But that’s not the end of Laura’s story…

When you have your life planned out, how do you cope with realizing what you thought you wanted, what you KNEW you wanted, isn’t what you wanted at all? You escape to give yourself time to reassess, which is exactly what Laura did when her then-partner received a job offer in California. While living in the sunshine state, Laura was without a working visa which allowed her plenty of time to volunteer and build up a different set of skills. It was these skills, and her experiences in university which she was able to leverage into a role at a start up, and soon after into a role with ApplyBoard, helping international students with their university applications. 

A pivot into an events coordinator role at Conrad Grebel University College, her old residence while attending Waterloo, left Laura feeling like she had finally come back home to the place she belonged. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to in person events and Laura’s job became unsustainable. That’s when Laura started to seriously look at turning her love of music into a career, and all the hard work she has put into that has culminated in her band, Act of Nature, recently releasing their first single.

Find Laura and her band at the following locations:

Act of Nature Instagram: act.of.nature_official 

Laura Easson Instagram: laura.elizabeth.easson 

Listen to  Act of Nature's new single, Stop Being Like This 

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