Josh – The Path from Being Lost to Being Intentional

Josh – The Path from Being Lost to Being Intentional

#38 - For Josh Zettel going to university was an obvious step, but what to do after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy was less obvious. As he was considering social work, he got a job working at House of Friendship, a non-profit homeless shelter that also provided other programming for the local community. This role helped him realize that while he wanted to help people and be able to connect, social work was not the right path and he ended up leaving House of Friendship after feeling burned out.

This was when Josh became lost. What should he do? How could he find a stable career that would allow him to connect with other people? As he struggled to find his path, he decided he should relax and enjoy life a bit, so he headed to Whistler, got a job as a night clerk at a hotel, and spent his days snowboarding. It was during that experience when he reflected back on what he enjoyed during his university undergrad and realized that sports psychology has always been an interest of his. While he hadn't seen it as a viable career path back then, times were changing so he began to look into how he could turn that interest into a career.

From that point on, Josh has been very intentional about all his decisions. His journey takes him from Kitchener, Ontario, to Adler University in Chicago, Illinois, and on to Kingston, Ontario where he now works at Queens University. Listen to his interview to hear how his passion for sports psychology has evolved and how he is able to utilize that skill set both in his 9-5, as well as in his side career.   

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