Josh Green – From Acting, to Cookie Dough Connoisseur, to Business Consulting

Josh Green – From Acting, to Cookie Dough Connoisseur, to Business Consulting
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#86 -If you told 20-year-old Josh Green that he was going to be a business consultant in the future, he would have thought you were joking.  How did he end up a business consultant when he was well on his way to a successful career as an actor and improv comedian? He was getting regular work, making more money than most actors he knew, and even had scenes in movies with Ice Cube and Danny Glover.

As 20-year-old Josh would soon find out, the way you feel today may not be the way you feel tomorrow, and when that happens you need to know what else interests you. It took years of travel and teaching abroad for Josh to realize that he wanted to be his own boss, and the best way for him to do that was to run his own company. Moving back to his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Josh set to work on making that a reality. 

This is the story of how over the past 12 years....

  • Josh went back to school as a mature student to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration (his second degree)
  • Created, sold, and/or shut down many successful (and sometimes unsuccessful) businesses from a wake park to dog walking to cookie cough and beyond 
  • Ultimately, realized his passion is in helping other people through the process of navigating the difficult world of taking an idea for a business and turning it into something real

Everyone has a story to tell. Listen today to hear Josh's.


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