Jabez – Mechanical Engineering to Business Consulting

Jabez – Mechanical Engineering to Business Consulting
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#53 – Growing up in Mozambique, Jabez Ivan Joshiraj was always interested in building things when he was younger. Both cars and airplanes were fascinating and he decided that one day, he wanted to be the person behind their design. As a means to that end, when he graduated high school he headed to India, where he was born, to study mechanical engineering.

As he progressed through university, he worked on an engineering project that required him to source supplies. With this, he discovered the world of supply chain management, and that prodded him to continue to look deeper into how businesses function once they have a product to sell. Supply chain led to marketing, marketing led to sales, and suddenly Jabez was hooked. When it came time to do his placement at the end of his education, he was committed – understanding the processes of business was his new passion and he was going to pursue it, despite graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering. 

Now, years later, Jabez is a business consultant working with a multitude of clients, while also running a support group for African start-ups as a way to give back to the place that he grew up. 

You can email Jabez at hello@jabezivanj.con or find him on Instagram at @jabezivanj

You can find Jabez's Startup Africa - Support Group here


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