Evo – From Tire Sales, to Travel Blogging, to Podcast Pontificator

Evo – From Tire Sales, to Travel Blogging, to Podcast Pontificator

#74 – As the creator of the 40th podcast in the world way back in 2004, Evo Terra has had an impact on the world of podcasting for almost two decades and was recently honoured as a 2022 inductee into the Podcast Hall of Fame. You might imagine that someone given that honour makes a career in podcasting, and while that is true now, podcasting as a ‘career’ was not an option for Evo until the mid-2010s. 

On a recent episode of Evo’s own podcast, Podcast Pontification, he mentioned some of the jobs he has had in the past. Tire sales….advertising…travel blogging….I knew Evo must have an interesting story to tell so I invited him to share it on Career Crossroads. Luckily for me, he was willing to tell his story, so sit back, relax, and listen to Evo walk me through all the twists and turns of his career.  

Here’s where you can find Evo online:

·         Evo’s Twitter 

·         Podcast Pontifications

·         Sounds Profitable

·         Simpler Media

Also mentioned in this episode are previous Career Crossroads guests:

·         James Cridland

·         Lindsay Graham


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