Dakota – How Knowing His Values Led Him to Become A Professional Co-Author

Dakota – How Knowing His Values Led Him to Become A Professional Co-Author
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 #62 – Dakota LaMarre has never thought of his career as a way to make money. Yes, making money is necessary and yes, it’s a by-product of the jobs he has had over the years, but he needed more out of a career. He needed to find a career that would allow him to live the values his parents instilled in him when he was young: achieving his potential, doing something great, and helping people.

While he tried to figure out what career path would provide that fulfillment, he spent his free time learning and growing as a person. Even then, being a hard worker doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road. Dakota’s story involves ‘accidentally’ quitting a job, getting fired from another, and buying a one-way ticket to Barcelona, all in the name of finding a career that he loves. 

Did he find what he was looking for? Yes. Now, as a professional co-author, Dakota helps people put their ideas on paper, and his first book, I Love Mondays, looks like it will be the first of many in a successful writing career.

Where you can connect with Dakota:

Website: dakotalamarre.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dakota-lamarre

Instagram: instagram.com/dakotalamarre

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