Crian - Career Paths in Five Countries

Crian - Career Paths in Five Countries
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 #57 – From his beginnings in South Africa, to his education in the United States and Ireland, on to his careers in South Korea and Taiwan, Crain Padayachee has experienced more change in his 39 years than most of us will experience in a lifetime. So how does a man who purports to not like change end up living in five different countries? A combination of education opportunities, visa applications, and relationships have all played a part in his world travels and with each plane ride came the need to pivot his career. 

After his childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot due to the TV show JAG, Crian has worked in accounting, teaching, and programming. Now, after 12 years of living in Taiwan, Crian could have settled into his teaching career for the rest of his life, but he’s shifted his career once again. As the community manager for Amun, a company in the crypto space, as well as working in public relations for a well-known Taiwanese architect, Crian’s career path continues to evolve.

Curious how he pivoted his career while moving across 5 countries? Listen in to Crian’s interview to find out more.

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