Chronicling Career Crossroads #2 – Research

Chronicling Career Crossroads #2 – Research

When this episode was first conceived it was titled “Research – or how to make sure what I’m doing isn’t a waste of time”.

As the episode title was….simplified, the core idea for the episode stayed the same: research. In order to determine if the planned Career Crossroads pivot is hitting the mark, I need to find out if the audience I intend to support (high school students, university/college students, and young grads) will actually benefit from this content.

To find the answers to these questions in this episode I speak to three people: 

-          Denise, a retired high school Guidance Counsellor

-          Wei, a Career Counsellor from the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC),

-          Tara, UTSC’s Director of Alumni Relations

Listen in to hear their takes on what young people know and need to know about their career trajectory, and how Career Crossroads can help them.

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