Chris Lewarne – From New York City corporate lawyer to Barry’s Bootcamp instructor in Toronto

Chris Lewarne – From New York City corporate lawyer to Barry’s Bootcamp instructor in Toronto
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#82 – Chris Lawarne is well known in the Toronto fitness community as one of the trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp, helping people achieve their fitness and health goals. Fitness, however, was not the path Chris set out on when leaving high school. 

Growing up, his family struggled financially, and Chris worked some awful jobs as a teenager to help contribute. With those experiences pushing him forward, he dreamed about the financial stability a high paying career could provide and as a successful student, he chose a career in law to help him achieve his goal. Upon graduation, Chris was obsessed with making his way to New York City and it didn’t take long for that to happen; his first job offer was with a corporate law firm in NYC and Chris jumped at the chance. Then one day, Chris’s life changed. It changed to profoundly that he quit his job at the law firm without any real plan and spent the day wandering the streets of New York.  

Ultimately, one of the worst experiences of Chris’s life set him on a new path that brought him back home to Toronto, years later. Listen today to hear about:

  • What it was like working in corporate law in New York City
  • What prompted Chris’s move from law to fitness
  • How Chris ended up back in Toronto
  • How his new career led him to become a contestant on Canada’s Ultimate Challenge. 

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