CC Shorts with Brian Millado

CC Shorts with Brian Millado
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#83 - In the early days of his career, Brian Millado jumped between jobs in the Department of Student Life at the University of Toronto. He wasn't jumping because he didn't like his roles, or because he was chasing higher pay; he was jumping because he was continually offered the chance to work on different programs as his skillset was in demand. Things were good. Until one day, they weren't.

One day, Brian looked around and realized that all his peers knew what their next step was....but he had no idea what was next. He had exhausted all areas of interest and suddenly, he didn't see a path forward in Student Life.

In this, the first CC Shorts episode of Career Crossroads, Brian and I discuss this moment in time where he hit a dead end. We walk through the emotions of his situation, how he overcame it, and what advice he has for others who experience a similar crossroads.

If you'd like to get in touch with Brian, you can find him here on LinkedIn.

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