Brooke – The Highs and Lows of Politics and Beyond

Brooke – The Highs and Lows of Politics and Beyond

 #55 – Politics runs in Brooke Crewson’s blood. From the age of five, she was helping her dad go door-to-door in his political campaigns, and at 15 she made the conscious decision to start volunteering to support campaigns she believed in. Despite that, she wasn’t 100% convinced of her future and pursued the parallel path of history and politics while studying at Wilfrid Laurier University.

When she received job offers in both fields after graduating, Brooke had a tough decision to make. Should she pursue the potentially more stable job at a museum, or keep working towards a job she’d been dreaming about since she was 15? Brooke chose an internship at the Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and immediately was hooked. Not long after, however, a change of government left Brooke without a job – an experience she’s had more than once in her career.

Brooke isn’t a quitter, and she’s bounced back each time. As she’s advanced her career, gaining new experiences in new offices, Brooke has developed a passion for creating and influencing positive public policies. With the instability of working for a government that can be voted out of office, Brooke has learned to take her extensive skill set and apply it to other areas, which has led her to work with Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute, and more recently as a Government Relations Consultant at Crestview Strategy.

What can we learn from Brooke’s career journey? Listen to her interview to find out.

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