Ronak – From Biomedical Sciences, to Marketing, to Entrepreneur-Barista

Ronak – From Biomedical Sciences, to Marketing, to Entrepreneur-Barista
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#8 - A young Ronak Patel was practical, so a career working with computers seemed like a smart decision.  When he realized the passion wasn't there, he pivoted to working towards becoming an optometrist but again the passion was missing.  After taking an economics course, he found his lane and worked towards his passion for marketing, entrepreneurship, and connecting with people.  After a decade of honing his craft in a variety of jobs, Ronak and his wife decided to strike out on their own and take the biggest risk of their lives - starting their own business.  Listen today to hear Ronak's journey to founding Play-A-Latte.

Find them online at or on Instagram or Facebook and Instagram @playalattecafe.


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