Zahra – Channeling her Creativity as an Author and Marketer

Zahra – Channeling her Creativity as an Author and Marketer
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#10 - Zahra can trace her creative streak back to her time as a child, when she created products to sell to her friends.  After planning to work her way into a career in psychology, she realized that she was more interested in understanding what people want. Upon the advice of a friend and some reflection, she realized that the aspect of selling those childhood products she enjoyed the most was not inventing them, but convincing friends of their value. A career in marketing seemed like the perfect way to scratch that itch.  After recently switching to market an entirely new product, Zahra has creativity to spare and has directed her energy towards creating a series of children’s books and a television show she recently pitched to Netflix. Take a listen to Zahra as she tells me about her career path.

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